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Burst Financial Reports to a shared directory for HFM

November 24, 2014

An easy way to distribute reports to various users outside of running individual reports or books and then emailing it out to users is by creating a batch and burst to a shared directory.

A batch can run various reports on multiple members in a dimension, adding the bursting capability you can send the report out to various users.

In order to burst a report to a shared directory, the Financial Reporting Config file needs to be updated to reach out to the shared directory. The Financial Reporting Config file is located on the server where Financial Reporting is installed.

Below are the steps:

The FRConfig.cmd can be located in the \Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\products\financialreporting\bin folder

  1. Run the FRConfig.cmd (Financial Reporting Configuration) to open the Java Monitoring & Management Console Application
  2. Select MBeans tab select com:hyperion\Financial Reporting\Attribute
  3. Set the Value for ExportFolder

ā€“ syntax: FolderLabel1=FolderPath1,FolderLabel2=FolderPath2

ā€“ example: FR_Burst=\\srvtest\HFMReports$

  1. Restart services
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